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Happy Friday FlashMob.

NFL themed class!!!!

Few things:

  1. Make sure your friend(s) you referred to class have signed up online at prior to class at

  2. If you signed up for class & can't make it PLEASE login and cancel your reservation to allow another person to attend in the event class is full.

  3. Don't stop and buy energy drinks I'll have them For Sale for only $2.

  4. Please check-in on the iPad to receive your step for T.R.A.P. TAP from my sister.

  5. Try to be on time, but If you're not and you want a specific space to be save for you then buddy up with someone and ask them to save your step. **Disclaimer: I'm NOT your buddy, "get somebody else to do it". Love you tho.

**ONLY REEBOK steps are to be used in T.R.A.P. TAP. So don't bring your own thinking okay if it's full I'll just use mine. Steps are not an issue, space is.

Okie dokie. That's all for now.

I'll see y'all at 9,10, or 11.

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