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We Stepping Mayne

Join Us Saturday, July 20 at 12p for a 90min sweat step sesh! This class will be very beginner friendly!

FlashMob is Flash group of fitness students that have allowed Flash to be apart of their fitness journey since he started teaching in 2013. These students are from his first fitness class at 24 Hour Fitness in Grand Prairie, TX & all studios, parking lots in between. If you've ever taken a class, never taken a LIVE class but follow on social media then you are apart of the Fam. Maybe you have a friend that always post about class and you wish you lived close enough to take a class then you are apart of this famILY as well. Join the group for updates, social events, cruises, fitness events, & daily motivation.


Pull Up | Hop Out | Sho Out


  • Calorie torching F-U-N workout! *This class is BeginnerMediate!

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    10 US dollars
  • Calorie torching FUN workout for ALL fitness levels using a step bench...

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    10 US dollars
  • Join me for a 60min guided Vinyasa.

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    10 US dollars

Choose Change | End The Trend



Though most of the Flashmob met during a workout class we have built a tribe thats far more fun than just crazy adults working out and sweating together! We often times like to dress up & hang out for happy hours, brunch, or dinner.  This group truly becomes your family and holds you accountable to help you reach your fitness goals.


Our motto is "Choose Change" & "End The Trend". By doing one of the 2 on all the days you really don't want to will aid in increasing your Motivation! Motivation is not found on the couch, watching tv, scrolling on social, pero only thru choosing to change & ending the trend you're currently in!



Guaranteed results if you guarantee to do the work consistently.  Work hard then work harder! I always tell my campers/clients If Nothing Changes Nothing Changes.  You can't expect a change without making a change in not only your workout regimen, but also your eating habits. #ChooseChange #EndTheTrend

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